1. How do I register to take part in the Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge?
    Registration is easy. From the homepage click on ‘Register’ to create a user name and password. Complete the simple registration form and you will receive an email confirming your user name.

  2. When does the Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge open and close?
    Registrations open 1 December 2017. You can begin to log Reading Minutes right away. The challenge closes 31 January 2018.

  3. How do I log my Reading Minutes?
    Log in using your user name and password. Add the title of the book you are reading and click on the 'Plus' button. This will add your book to your reading list. Enter the number of minutes spent reading this book and either tick the 'Finished' circle to mark it complete or click 'Update' if you are still reading the book.

  4. How do I collect badges?
    You can collect online badges by logging the minutes you have read. The more you read, the more badges you can earn. You can also collect power-ups, which reward regular reading, completion of books and regular logging of reading minutes.

  5. How many badges are there to collect?
    There are eight badges to collect. Choose from many designs.

  6. How should I record my minutes spent reading if I’m not visiting the site all the time?
    You can download and print the Daily Reading Worksheet to keep track of your minutes. Simply write the minutes down, then enter the total minutes online before the 31 January 2018.

  7. What is the promo code to redeem 50% off books on the Scholastic Store?
    Simply enter the promo code SUMMER at the checkout. (Promo code is valid from 1 December 2017 - 31 January 2018 inclusive) Please note, the Scholastic Store and this offer is available to Australian residents only. Promo code is not valid for use with sale items.

  8. I'm a parent and would like to purchase some reading material to help my child read more over the holidays.
    You can visit the Scholastic Store, and choose from hundreds of books. Use the limited-time promo code to get 50% off your purchase!